REFlection: Labyrinth Ear

Tom Evans, 26. Emily Jacobs, 21. London. Electro Pop.

Labyrinth Ear: Das sind die beiden jungen Briten Tom Evans und Emily Jacobs. Das Londoner Duo produziert seit Sommer 2010 wunderschöne elektronische Popmusik mit Gesang. Dank der bezaubernden Stimme von Sängerin Emily, den provokativen Lyrics und vor allem dem Release der kostenlosen Debüt-EP “OAK EP” wurden Labyrinth Ear Anfang des Jahres bereits zurecht von großen Blogs aus aller Welt gefeatured.

Am 07. Mai 2011 könnt auch ihr euch von Tom & Emily und ihrem fantastischen Sound beim “Creamcake” Konzert im Südblock in Berlin-Kreuzberg überzeugen.

Außerdem haben sich die aus New Cross (South London) stammenden Musiker unseren REFlections gestellt. Doch lest selbst, was die Zwei über ihre Arbeit und ihr Leben zu erzählen haben:

1. What does the word „DOING“ mean in your world?

E: To me the word Doing evokes ideas of living well. 

T: For me Doing would mean getting good balance between music and other areas of my life.


2. What does „DOING NOTHING“ mean in your world?

E: This is something Iʼm all too familiar with, to me this is wallowing in my own world and getting lost there. Being too self-focused has its downside, I think it can make you closed in many ways. Doing nothing can be good for creativity, but I think too much can hinder progress. 

T: I guess doing Nothing would equate to becoming so overwhelmed by whatʼs happened so far and whatʼs still to do that I would go into shut down mode. But Iʼd say Iʼve managed to overcome this attitude now, Iʼve learnt the importance of getting organised when dealing with something so varied as creativity and making music.



1. It all started when …

E: It all started when I realized quite recently, that most of my life, Iʼve spent my time, thinking, telling people my thoughts and ideas, and writing them down. Being involved in fashion design used to be my only aim, but I realized the ways of fashion were forcing me to sacrifice certain things about myself. When I was involved in fashion, my ideas were too conceptual, based on emotions, thoughts and feelings that could never be translated that well into a garment. Writing, producing and creating songs allows me to outlet a lot of these thoughts, that were stuck without an adequate outlet for so long. 

T: It all started when I was at a loose end for a long period and started listening to some of my old tunes I had made when I was younger. I showed Emily and she encouraged me to get back into it again. Iʼd never really played anyone my music before, but Emily encouraged me to find some artists to collaborate with, this proved unfruitful, so Emily reluctantly offered to do some vocal for a track. As we had no lyrics Emily suggested we rework the ʻIʼm Wishingʼ song from Disneyʼs Snow White and the rest is history I guess.


2. To me my job is like

E: If weʼre talking about music, I would say it is my savior, I lost faith my own fashion and art etc. music has allowed me to recapture the excitement and enthusiasm I used to have. Itʼs a much more satisfying process. 

T: To me it comes naturally to work on music, I wouldnʼt really consider it a job, just something I canʼt stop doing. Almost like an addiction. I realized all my life that all Iʼve done is listen to music and analyze and reflect on it. Even when I was working in my old job, I found myself creating some tracks when I should have been working, This shouldʼve alerted me I was going in a direction that wasnʼt true to myself.


3. A normal day at work is usually like this:

E: Thatʼs really difficult when talking about music. We donʼt really have typical days. But usually we find late at night when it is quiet and there are less distractions some of our best songs have been made. Tom and me have long discussions and excessive note taking about music every day. 

T: I guess maybe a typical day would include listening to lotʼs of old music, finding old music videos, old films and experimenting with sounds.


4. The biggest influence on my work has/have …

E: The biggest influence on my work I would say has been my experiences and the people that Iʼve seen and met. 

T: I would say my biggest influences would probably be House, italo disco, Detroit techno and other electronic sounds.


5. My latest project is called:

E: My latest song is called Our Conversations in Amber.


6. Itʼs about …

E: Itʼs about Illegal immigrants that I know in London, the life that they live compared to the life that theyʼd dreamed and hoped for.



1. This is what I am today:

E: Today I am hopeful and uplifted by the beautiful spring sky. 

T: Today Iʼm busy but contented.


2. This is what my parents always wanted:

E: Umm, I think my parents wanted me to go to university and finish what Iʼd started in fashion. But theyʼre supportive of everything I do. 

T: Probably to have a much more stable career than the one I have now!


3. This is what I pictured to be easier in life:

E: When I was younger I thought getting older would be easy and all my hopes and dreams would fall into place. But gradually I became disillusioned with the path I was going down, I started to to question things that I had always felt Iʼd known. I can now see that life can take you in different directions to what you initially had anticipated and sometimes you should embrace those changes. 

T: I pictured the life I was living before as not a difficult life but looking back I can see that my stubbornness in trying to pursue something that was wrong for me was actually a very difficult time.


4. And this what I pictured to be a lot harder than it is/was:

E: I thought making music, playing instruments and writing songs, were for particular kinds of people. I always ruled out music for myself, I just thought I wasnʼt a musical person. I always pictured the kids at school with their grade 11 piano or something, and I was still playing the recorder. Now I truly believe everyone is capable of creating music, and everyone should try it. 

T: I guess, my thoughts would be along the same lines as Emily. I definitely thought a career in music would prove a lot more difficult to get into than the career in Politics, but I guess this is what I
should have been doing all along.


What is your question?

E: When planting the seeds of wildflowers, should you aim to plant before or during springtime? 

T: Whereʼs the best place to eat in Berlin?


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